Saturday, May 14, 2011

Me, Myself and My Glass

As i sit here,
With my glass.
I wonder of the day that just passed.

There's so much to say,
There's so much to talk,
There's so much to feel,
It's all too dark.

Not a word exchanged, not a feeling escaped.
Not a moment passed by, not a sign of a cry.

As i sit here,
With my glass,
I wonder about the day that just passed.

I look myself in the eye
But i still cant see
I stare at my emotions, which i cant flee
I shrug my being, left behind
I rattle my head, all i have is an empty mind.

And as i sit here with my glass
It calls my name
The only thing that called for me....what a shame!
It screamed out loud to fill it up
I smiled back, cuz another would be a bottoms up :)