Wednesday, December 31, 2008


and like i said ...... i got more to add!
lemme get over with the day....cuz um sure theres more to come!

why im writing this down that i dun back out of writing this time!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

outts sight...not outta mind!

It was when the courier man told me that my courier will get delivered only on the 31st that I realized that the end of a year can be of some significance! What better way to end this year with the person who kinda started it for me in the first place!

For the first time I actually looked back at the whole of it, remembered how BIG it has been yet how soon it is abut to end.

For the first time it makes me think, makes me write about it. Now that I think of summing it up in words, well a tuf deal for me…’the tuf taurian’ (felt so nice when I was once again referred to by this name after years).

A year in which I traveled the most, met the max number of people that left reasons to remember them all my life!

Begins like any other year, can’t remember anything significant bout it starting a diff way!

Then well, comes my first film (ad film), unfortunately being shot in Mumbai (not that I mind that time) instead of being shot in NY or Goa because of budget issues (my script mentioned NY, lol). Couldn’t go for the shoot though. No probs.

Then not long before I step at the Mumbai airport again (feb) for a recording with none other than SRK…a recording that BOTH of us would remember all our lives. He hates me for sure, lol, and he has reasons to…after all I was teaching him how to do what he excels at! But stepping in Mumbai after over 8 months that I left the place reminded me of my time spent there and also about how much I wanted to be there (just for trips).

My brothers accident (the famous or non famous, 24th feb, India gate, drunken driving case, skoda car accident that KILLED 2 of our friends, my brother surviving – the co passenger)

A surprise call from a stranger that kinda changed the year for me. Barely talked to her over the net (just been like a few dayz, and that too a normal convo on and off), called after she got to know bout my brother…the very first time that we spoke! N then met and then I started seeing myself smiling, dunno after how much time!

And well then trips to Mumbai for work kept happening J

Trip to mussorie (this time not a bike but a car)

Someone returning from Mumbai for good (hopefully)

My little miracle chasing me throughout the year!!!!

My birthday (may), especially someone forgetting it, lol, but then celebrating it in a special way, the best I have ever had!

Biking trip to spiti. Couldn’t complete the whole circle though for the second time L

(delhi – chdgrh – manali – rohtang – lahaul & spiti (kaza) – tabo – naco - - - rampur – kinnor – narkanda – simla – chdgrh – delhi). Returned from spiti (even before we reached kaza)

Her birthday (july). Going for her birthday party just to see her happy (like she said) and that being the last time I ever saw her (till now).

Having my first photo shoot for a book cover, lol. Unfortunately it was put on the backpage with a reduced size, it being controversial.

Delhi blasts and having a close shave. She being in GK when they happened and of course talking to her after quite some time!

Finding a new friend in someone (it’s a big thing for a introverted pessimist) who could very well turn out to be just a colleague…or an x colleague! Nevertheless they cant avoid me feeling ignored!

Finding a new friend in someone….with whom I feel so comfortable…i.e. whenever we talk or meet (rarely we do). Nevertheless they can’t avoid me feeling ignored!

Going to Mumbai for shooting my film (ad) for the first time!

A trip to Ranthambore (my first to a national park).

A police case against me (my first, lol, nevertheless got sorted out)

Finally quitting JWT!

Biking trip to badrinath (via rishikesh and back via ranikhet, nainital) and an article that I have written about it to be published in a newspaper.

For the first time in 5 years….my so called miracle separating from me (and that too not in absolute light!)

And well….she wanting ‘the zoya factor’ and I sending it to her along with her autographed tissue, ha ha ha, which she will receive on the 31st!

And above all……ending the year with a hope that the next year will bring me good luck…ending it on an optimistic note…big thing for a pessimist!


Inspite of skipping a lot, I gotta list!!

new year .... 2009....what i am seeing in it is the big 9!! being my number. will bring me lots this time :))

still a day and a half to go......and um sure ill come back adding it a bit more :)

things would change from now on. they would for sure cuz i want them to this time!

best wishes to everyone :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

journey of a dream

how far can a dream travel?
as far as we want it to?
or it goes beyond??

why do we call the same dream a dream one day...and a nightmare the other?
what makes us more happy - a happy dream and waking up to reality? or a bad one and waking up to a better life?

why do dreams scare us? why do they make us smile?

what are dreams in the first place? what are they comprised of?

if dreams are made up of our lives and our thoughts....y do i see strangers there??

are dreams a reality that we cudnt accomplish....or a reality we want to?

how far can a dream travel? beyond us? beyond them? beyond everyone?
can it?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

:) :( :) :(

where do we go when we just dont know?

and how do we re-light the flame when its cold?

why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing?

and when will we learn to control?


i just realized that its been like forever that i entered here!
my last post being on 1st of november, ha ha.

55 dayz - dunno wether um waking up from a dream - or just starting one now!

is waking up from one as bad as going into one??

dunno - still looking for answers .... but yeah ... very soon .... i wont leave myself with questions to haunt me!

the chapters are being written in full now.

um using full stops instead of commas.

no hanging ends, no maybe's, no entangled complications - pure facts dealt!