Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Rain and the Dance

As he cried, she danced in the shower of his tears.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Joker

The stage is set. The performers have performed. The audience have been through the adventure, the magic, the thrill. Yet it isnt enough. It can never be without another performance, the performance for which everybody is here.
After a short wait, the curtain is raised again, the performer you've been waiting for walks in. And without speaking a word, makes you smile at the least. And he begins, begins the show, the real show for you. You laugh, you laugh and you laugh.

With a smile on the face
With his actions full of laughing grace
And his intentions clear
He is gonna make you laugh oh dear

His performance is unmatched
He gives you a laugh undetached
He ends the show on a happy note
While he goes back with emotions afloat

The show is over
So is his smile
All he had to do
Was only for a while
Now he is by himself
All alone, and his mask on the shelf

He makes you laugh
When in a crowd
When by himself
In tears he's drowned

He walks in the rain
So that no one sees
That false is his laughter
And untrue his glee's

When the sun rises
Its another day
When he cheats himself with his mask
And keeps his emotions at bay

The show never stops,
Neither will he
He will still make you happy
Till his last breath flees

He will always make you laugh
Laughed upon
Laughed at
And everyone will always wonder
Can he ever be sad?

When he gets old or predictable,
He will be replaced
Even when he dies
No one cares as someone else will take his place!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Phoenix

O high I'll rise
From all those lies
From all those cries
Just before it's sunrise

O high I'll rise
From the way you despise
From the way you surprise
I sure will rise
Even if I hafta wait for another sunrise

O high I'll rise
And fly in the skies
And all the pain will subside
Before i go dry

Yes I'll rise
From the ashes left behind
Oh yes I'll rise
When it's sunrise

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Me, Myself and My Glass

As i sit here,
With my glass.
I wonder of the day that just passed.

There's so much to say,
There's so much to talk,
There's so much to feel,
It's all too dark.

Not a word exchanged, not a feeling escaped.
Not a moment passed by, not a sign of a cry.

As i sit here,
With my glass,
I wonder about the day that just passed.

I look myself in the eye
But i still cant see
I stare at my emotions, which i cant flee
I shrug my being, left behind
I rattle my head, all i have is an empty mind.

And as i sit here with my glass
It calls my name
The only thing that called for me....what a shame!
It screamed out loud to fill it up
I smiled back, cuz another would be a bottoms up :)